childhood quoteTeeth brushing is an infinite struggle up and down the country. First thing in the morning and on a night just before bedtime parents find it extremely difficult to determine whether their children are doing a good job cleaning them. However taking care of your little one’s oral health begins with consistent brushing habits, it’s never too late to start!

As a nursery we have experienced the difficulties and appreciate how hard it can be to implement that consistent regime. Nobody wants to have a battle brushing teeth, whether it be just before nursery or before settling for the night.

Hopefully these tips will help and make brushing teeth fun rather than a task. Although nothing is guaranteed other than starting a dental hygiene regime early. Like anything, the earlier your little one is taught how to correctly brush their teeth the more likely they will look after their teeth in adulthood.

When should my child start brushing themselves?

As soon as your child’s first tooth appears, it’s time to begin brushing with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush once on a morning and once before bed. Continue brushing your child’s teeth until you’re confident that they can brush on their own. There is no specific age that your child should be brushing their own teeth. However it is advised that ideally parents should brush their children’s teeth until they are 7 years old. For more advice on this please visit the NHS website.

family brushing teethRewards

Children sometimes need that extra bit of encouragement and motivation, don’t we all? Perhaps creating a progress chart with fun stickers that get placed every time your child brushes their teeth. The visual and independence aspects of this technique helps them stay focused.

Alternatively prompting your child with an extra story at bedtime can even do the trick – to motivate them even more.

Leading by example

Ultimately our children mimic us daily and tend to pick up habits that we have. So practicing what you preach when it comes to anything, not just dental hygiene, can affect our children. If your children see you brushing regularly encourages them to join in.

Brush together! Brushing your teeth together makes this routine more interesting for your child and you can set a great example simultaneously.

Play Games

Children love games so teeth brushing can seem more of a chore – if not made fun for them. Why not take advantage of apps that play music or use characters to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Also appraisal; always assure your child of their dazzling pearly whites or amazing brushing technique after they’ve brushed their teeth correctly.

childhood quote

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Blossom Lodge Day Nursery FAQs

How do I arrange a viewing of the nursery?

It’s straightforward to book a visit at Blossom Lodge Day Nursery in Cheltenham. Our team is more than happy to show you around each of the rooms and our facilities whilst answering any questions. Book a visit here, directly through the nursery website, call us on 01242 525374 or even just pop in.

Do you offer any extended hours?

Our day nursery aims to provide the very best in care whilst working around your childcare needs. With this in mind, the answer is yes, we provide extended hours. We offer an early start at 7.30am and a late collection of 6.30pm. Extended hours can be booked as part of your weekly sessions or on an ad hoc basis.

How many staff will look after my child?

In line with statutory requirements the following staff to child ratios apply:

  • 0-1 years is 1 member of staff for every 3 children
  • 1-2 years is 1 member of staff for every 3 children
  • 2-3 years is 1 member of staff for every 4 children
  • 3-5 years is 1 member of staff for every 8 children

Do you offer settling in sessions?

Yes absolutely. Every child is offered a settling in session that takes place two weeks before their actual start date. Children usually attend between 2-4 settling in sessions depending upon age. During the initial session you will stay with your child and spend time together meeting staff and discussing specific needs and routines. Settling in sessions after the first depends on age, booking pattern and how your child adapts to nursery. This will of course be discussed with you prior to arranging suitable dates together.

Can I use Government funded hours at Blossom Lodge?

Yes, every 3 and 4 year old child can claim 15 hours of funded nursery education. This increases to 30 hours based upon eligibility and begins from the term after their third birthday. Some 2 year old children may also qualify for the funded 15 hours and this is based upon meeting certain criteria. For further information parents can call and we will be happy to discuss how funded childcare is applied at our Cheltenham based nursery.

Do you allow payments through the Tax Free Childcare Scheme?

Yes, we are registered to accept payments through the Tax Free Childcare Scheme. To learn more about how the Tax Free Childcare Scheme supports families visit Childcare Choices.

Do I need to pay extra for meals and snacks?

Meals and snacks are included within fees so you are not required to pay extra. Our menus are healthy, consisting of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and tea. If your child has specific dietary requirements or is a 'fussy' eater, our team will work with you ensuring your child's needs are met. Unfortunately due to allergies within the nursery we are unable to accept food or packed lunches brought in to replace our menu.

What else is included in your nursery fees?

Included in our day nursery fees are nappies, wet wipes and nappy creams. Cow's milk is provided for children over the age of 1 but we do ask parents to provide any formula milk required throughout the day.

Do you have a car park and pushchair storage?

You will find our car park to the rear of the day nursery building. This is for parents to access alongside a pushchair storage cupboard if required. Here you can leave pushchairs and car seats whilst your child is in nursery.

Do you offer any discounts on your nursery fees?

At Blossom Lodge Day Nursery we offer the following discounts:

  • 10% NHS employee discount
  • Discounted daily rate for full time places
  • 10% Sibling discount for the youngest child*

*Please note this will not apply if the older child is in receipt of Government Funded Hours.

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