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Our younger children join the Baby Room where you, as parents and carers, alongside our qualified and experienced staff work together ensuring a smooth transition from home to nursery. Children in this room are aged 3-12 months old and the ratio of staff to children is 1:3.

We’re proud of our Baby room. In this space we endeavour to achieve the highest of standards through the provision of a safe, stimulating and happy atmosphere. With a high ratio of staff to children and a good balance of care and understanding, we are confident your child will settle in fast. We want your children to enjoy their time with us and for you, as a family to feel at home with our team. Over time you will get to know and develop confidence in our staff members.

Throughout their day children explore through heuristic play with the open ended equipment provided. Our exciting learning environment also includes access to messy play activities such as Baked Bean Play, sand, water and more.

Amongst the multitude of activities for children we provide treasure baskets for exploration. Baskets are full of natural objects or those made from natural materials. Babies respond more intensely to such materials and more muted colours. At Blossom Lodge we encourage babies to explore the texture, taste, smell and sound of objects, not just the look of them. This is a collection we are always adding to and appreciate anything new that’s easily found around the house or out and about. Great examples include wooden spoons, corks, fir cones, dolly pegs, coasters, cotton reels, balls and more. Please let us know if you find something suitable. 

All aspects of your child’s development are enhanced through play and social interaction in a relaxed and homely environment. We strive to encourage each child’s exploratory impulses and natural inquisitiveness; more often than not this involves a lot of messy play to stimulate their senses.

Our Baby room does not have a set routine, this is a typical day. It changes daily and depends on your child’s routine. Our staff work with our parents and fit the routine accordingly.

8:00am Drop off / Free play
8:25am Wipe hands for breakfast
8:30am Breakfast time
9:00am Free play/sensory play/Arts and crafts
9:30am Sleep time for some children
10:30am Garden / Nappy change
11:25am Wipe hands for dinner
11:30am Dinner time
12:00pm Sleep time for some children / Free play
1:00pm Pick up time for 1pm children/Welcome time
1:30pm Free play
1:55pm Wipe hands for snack
2:00pm Pick up time for 2pm children / Nappy change
2:30pm Free play / sensory play / Arts and crafts / Afternoon sleep for some children
3:00pm Garden Time
3:50pm Wipes hands for tea
4:00pm Tea time
4:45pm Nappy change / Free play until pick up
6:00pm Home Time


Children will start or move through to our Toddler room at approximately 12 months old or later, depending upon development. Your child’s progress is monitored and discussed with you when appropriate regarding this age group. Factors we consider are sleeping patterns and mobility. We will support your children throughout the transition of joining this age group. Staff to child ratio within this age group is 1:3.

Throughout the day children have the ability to explore and experience an entire range of resources. These include everything from arty and messy activities through to garden exploration (our garden is joined onto the Bumblebees room). 

Throughout this space children enjoy sharing stories, singing and dancing together. It’s around this time they will start to role play using dolls and toy kitchen sets. Children also begin constructing and sorting with a range of items such as building bricks, pine cones, octons and more.

At Blossom Lodge Day Nursery we fully encourage each child’s exploratory impulses and natural inquisitive natures. Because this involves a lot of messy play we ask parents and carers to ensure children are dressed suitably. Our aim is to allow your little ones to express themselves freely and without any boundaries.

Within our Toddler Room they do not have a set structure, however this is a typical day for us. It changes daily, and depends on the weather. The children have free-flow as well as structured activities such as arts and crafts. The staff will work a routine around your child’s needs.

8:00am Drop off / Free play / child initiated learning – the children can choose what toys they would like out
8:30am Wash hands for breakfast / Breakfast time
9:00am Free play with structured activities on offer
10:00am Garden time
10:30am Nappy change / Free play with structured activities on offer
11:00am Tidy up time / Group time (optional) singing songs and listening to stories
11:20am Wash hands for dinner
11:30am Dinner time
12:00pm Sleep time / Quiet time for children who do half day
1:00pm Pick up time for 1pm children/Welcome time
2:00pm Pick up time for 2pm children / Nappy change
2:30pm Free play with structured activities on offer
3:00pm Garden time
4:00pm Wash hands / Tea time
4:45pm Nappy change / Free play until pick up
6:00pm Home Time


Welcome to Caterpillars where early Learner children aged 2 years to 3 years old experience new activities daily. The effective ratio of staff to children, ensuring they benefit from more structured and attentive play as their concentration levels expand.

The fantastic and lively room is full of children further developing their skills with the ongoing support of our enthusiastic staff. Language, independence, social skills and all other areas of development are further developed through free play and fun, well-planned activities. Caterpillar children love imaginary play; we encourage this further with lots of dressing up, stories and role play activities.

Caterpillars are usually the age group where toilet training is introduced, starting at home and supported by nursery. We have a toilet training guide that is available to all parents with nursery procedures, tips and support.

8:00am Drop off / Free play/child initiated learning – the children can choose what toys they would like out
8:40am Tidy up time
8:45am Singing/Circle time, welcome song
9:00am Wash hands / Breakfast
9:30am Set activities; Art and Craft, Sensory
10:15am Nappy change
10:45am Tidy up time
11:00am Garden
11:40am Story time
12:00pm Wash hands / Dinner time
12:30pm Sleep time / Child initiated activities for those who do not sleep
1:00pm Pick up time for 1pm children/Welcome time
2:00pm Pick up time for 2pm children
2:20pm Nappy change
2:30pm Focused activities. Sensory play/Art and Craft Activities
3:15pm Outdoor time – visit to kitchen garden or sensory garden.
4:00pm Wash hands / Tea time
4:30pm Free play/Child Initiated Learning
5:15pm Tidy up time
5:30pm Puzzles, stories
6:00pm Home Time


Children enter our fantastic Butterflies/Reception Room at aged 3. By this time, the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in ladybirds, bumblebees and caterpillars alongside additional daily experiences have developed. Staff to child ratio in the Butterflies room is 1:8.

Our Butterfly room offers a relaxed atmosphere and a balanced mix of structured activities. Coupled with free play, a confidence and desire to learn is nurtured in each individual child. 

We’re extremely proud of our children and we help nurture and prepare them, ready for school. Our preschool children have childcare provided until the last working nursery day in August before starting school that September.

The way children play and their interests are carefully observed in Butterflies. We closely monitor progress whilst gaining the right knowledge in accessing individual needs. Through watching intently, we learn ourselves how to appropriately plan children’s learning and development next steps. Nursery curriculum is child-centred, arising from the interests of the children. Our team has been effectively trained in the Reggio Emilia approach. Based on the belief that children construct their own theories and knowledge through building relationships with others, this approach has proven to work well. 

‘Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears, the resources of forms, materials, sounds and colours.’ Reggio Emilia.

The Blossom Lodge nursery team celebrates all achievements of the children. Children are encouraged to ask questions and express discoveries, as play and talk are the main ways they learn. The Butterflies team actively encourages children to take part in planning their activities.  This results in a greater enthusiasm for what they are doing and pride in their own achievements. This also greatly enhances confidence.

8:00am Drop off. Free play/child initiated learning
9:00am Wash hand / Breakfast
9:30am Set activities and free play/child initiated learning
10:30am Circle Time – reading stories, Jolly Phonics, changing the calendar
11:00am Garden
12:00pm Wash hands / Dinner time
12:30pm Quiet reading / Sleep time for some children
12:45pm Maths activities at the table and free play
1:00pm Pick up time for 1pm children/welcome time
2:00pm Pick up time for 2pm children
2:30pm Sensory play/Art and Craft Activities
3:00pm Outdoor time – visit to kitchen garden or sensory garden.
3:45pm Wash hands for tea / Story time
4:00pm Tea time
4:30pm Free play/Child Initiated Learning
6:00pm Home Time

Nature Garden

New for 2019 our nature garden provides the perfect way for children to learn with nature. Our beautiful outdoor space offers sensory planting to stimulate all five senses. Our bug house, bird table, wormery, butterfly habitat and ladybird tower allow children the chance to get up close and personal whilst learning why insects are essential to our ecosystem. Our wonderful nature garden also helps with literacy and numeracy as we have an alphabet plaques walkway and wooden abacus.

Kitchen Garden

It’s intrinsic for children to understand healthy eating and this is another aspect of care we take seriously. Our gardener David helps children to plant and grow fruit and vegetables which is then prepared for them to eat. Not only is this a fantastic, healthy option, children take pride in eating what they have grown.

Toddler Garden

Opening in June 2019, our garden for Ladybirds and Bumblebees is a fantastic space for the younger children to learn and develop. The toddler garden is just outside the children’s main indoor room.

Rear Garden

At Blossom Lodge Day Nursery we are lucky enough to have a large garden. It’s here children play happily in the abundance of outdoor space we’re lucky to have. We ensure the use of outdoor spaces at least once a day.

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Blossom Lodge Day Nursery FAQs

How do I arrange a viewing of the nursery?

It’s straightforward to book a visit at Blossom Lodge Day Nursery in Cheltenham. Our team is more than happy to show you around each of the rooms and our facilities whilst answering any questions. Book a visit here, directly through the nursery website, call us on 01242 525374 or even just pop in.

Do you offer any extended hours?

Our day nursery aims to provide the very best in care whilst working around your childcare needs. With this in mind, the answer is yes, we provide extended hours. We offer an early start at 7.30am and a late collection of 6.30pm. Extended hours can be booked as part of your weekly sessions or on an ad hoc basis.

How many staff will look after my child?

In line with statutory requirements the following staff to child ratios apply:

  • 0-1 years is 1 member of staff for every 3 children
  • 1-2 years is 1 member of staff for every 3 children
  • 2-3 years is 1 member of staff for every 4 children
  • 3-5 years is 1 member of staff for every 8 children

Do you offer settling in sessions?

Yes absolutely. Every child is offered a settling in session that takes place two weeks before their actual start date. Children usually attend between 2-4 settling in sessions depending upon age. During the initial session you will stay with your child and spend time together meeting staff and discussing specific needs and routines. Settling in sessions after the first depends on age, booking pattern and how your child adapts to nursery. This will of course be discussed with you prior to arranging suitable dates together.

Can I use Government funded hours at Blossom Lodge?

Yes, every 3 and 4 year old child can claim 15 hours of funded nursery education. This increases to 30 hours based upon eligibility and begins from the term after their third birthday. Some 2 year old children may also qualify for the funded 15 hours and this is based upon meeting certain criteria. For further information parents can call and we will be happy to discuss how funded childcare is applied at our Cheltenham based nursery.

Do you allow payments through the Tax Free Childcare Scheme?

Yes, we are registered to accept payments through the Tax Free Childcare Scheme. To learn more about how the Tax Free Childcare Scheme supports families visit Childcare Choices.

Do I need to pay extra for meals and snacks?

Meals and snacks are included within fees so you are not required to pay extra. Our menus are healthy, consisting of breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and tea. If your child has specific dietary requirements or is a 'fussy' eater, our team will work with you ensuring your child's needs are met. Unfortunately due to allergies within the nursery we are unable to accept food or packed lunches brought in to replace our menu.

What else is included in your nursery fees?

Included in our day nursery fees are nappies, wet wipes and nappy creams. Cow's milk is provided for children over the age of 1 but we do ask parents to provide any formula milk required throughout the day.

Do you have a car park and pushchair storage?

You will find our car park to the rear of the day nursery building. This is for parents to access alongside a pushchair storage cupboard if required. Here you can leave pushchairs and car seats whilst your child is in nursery.

Do you offer any discounts on your nursery fees?

At Blossom Lodge Day Nursery we offer the following discounts:

  • 10% NHS employee discount
  • Discounted daily rate for full time places
  • 10% Sibling discount for the youngest child*

*Please note this will not apply if the older child is in receipt of Government Funded Hours.

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